July 7, 2016
camera sensor

An Intro to: CMUcam5 Pixy Vision Camera Sensor

The goals for this project are to introduce you to the CMUcam5 Pixy and show how easy it is to implement a camera into your DIY […]
June 16, 2016
smart home electronics

How To Make Smart Home Electronics: A Smart Mailbox

This project combines the idea of IOT and Smart Home electronics in one useful project. The project aims to save your time checking your mailbox by simply […]
May 30, 2016
childproof lock

How To Read Your Arduino’s Mind: Building A Childproof Lock

If you are familiar with the tech world, you surely heard the term IoT (Internet of Things) already. The concept is to connect each and every […]
May 28, 2016
projects for arduino

How To Shrink Your Projects For Arduino

Ever since I started making projects for Arduino, I’ve had a desire to shrink them down to a single, small circuit board. One of my former projects, […]
May 24, 2016
make your own robot

How To Make Your Own Robot (Part 2)

How to make your own robot on 2 wheels, using stepper motors with Arduino parts and sensors … Part 2 In Part 1, we got as […]
May 23, 2016
make your own robot

How To Make Your Own Robot

How to make your own robot on 2 wheels, using stepper motors with Arduino parts and sensors: Once you have learned the basics of using a […]
May 20, 2016
arduino serial communication

How to Read Your Arduino’s Mind

Arduino Serial Communication Tutorial Sometimes you really need to know what’s going on inside your device, sometimes you want to use more than one device, or […]
May 19, 2016
Arduino bike lighting

A Smart Bike Lighting System Using Arduino

How To Make A Smart Arduino Bike Lighting System This Arduino bike lighting project upgrades your bike’s light and takes it to the next level so that […]
May 18, 2016
Arduino Basics

How To Use Arduino

Arduino Basics Arduino is an open source platform based on easy-to-use open source hardware and software. The Arduino language uses C/C++ syntax and includes a set […]
March 15, 2016

Using Arduino with Parts and Sensors – Stepper Motor Part 1

This article is another piece in our series about using “Arduino with parts and sensors.” This time, we will try using a stepper motor, which is […]
March 12, 2016
Arduino OSC Communication

Linking Arduino to another Application with OSC Communication Part 2 – Making a Rhythm Machine with Sonic Pi

In our last article, we learned about the OSC communication basics with Arduino. Since OSC (Open Sound Control) was developed as a protocol for musical instruments, today we […]
March 10, 2016

Linking Arduino to Another Application Using OSC Communication Part 1

With several parts and shields available, I think that Arduino is clearly a very stand alone device for development. Taking it one step further this time, […]