Raspberry Pi Beginner’s Guide

March 11, 2016

Installing WordPress on Raspberry Pi

I found this page looking through the Raspberry Pi official website. It shows how to install WordPress on Raspberry Pi! As a regular WordPress user, I have to try […]
March 13, 2016
Volumio Raspberry Pi

Creating an AirPlay Network Audio Player with Volumio

Today is an exciting opportunity to discuss about an electronic kit project that doesn’t need any command input at all! We will play with “Volumio”, an OS […]
March 14, 2016

Raspberry Pi WebIOPi IOT Part 1 – Installation & LED Blinking – Operating GPIO With a Browser

Pictures from WebIOPi public website. There’s a lot of handy apps and tools out there, but since we want to make something ourselves, this time we’ll […]
May 21, 2016
raspberry pi motion control lamp

How to Create a Motion Controlled Lamp with Raspberry Pi

This tutorial will take you through the steps of building an automatic lamp with motion control. This project will be built using a Raspberry Pi Model […]
June 9, 2016
raspberry pi projects

Looking For Useful Raspberry Pi Projects? Create A Smart Umbrella Stand!

This tutorial will take you through the steps of building a smart umbrella stand. This is one of our favorite raspberry pi projects. It uses a […]
July 12, 2016
analog input

Raspberry Pi WebIOPi IOT, Programming Analog Input

In this edition of the WebIOPi series, I’m finally taking on the challenge of reading analog input. I briefly discussed it at the beginning of the […]
August 22, 2016
Raspberry Pi WebIOPi

Raspberry Pi WebIOPi IOT Part 2 – Making a flashing LED button

Click here to read Part 1 of this series > In this 2nd tutorial of WebIOPi, we’ll use simple Python scripts and HTML/Javascript to create a […]
August 26, 2016
Raspberry Pi WebIOPi

Raspberry Pi WebIOPi IOT Part 3 – Programming Basics (Input/Output)

Click here to read Part 2 of this series > In this 3rd tutorial of our Raspberry Pi WebIOPi series, we’re going to add more functionality, […]
September 15, 2016
raspberry pi 3

Raspberry Pi 3 Model B WiFi & Bluetooth Setup

It’s been about one year since the release of the Raspberry Pi 2.  Now, the new and improved Raspberry Pi 3 is on sale!  In the […]
September 21, 2016
raspberry pi camera

Raspberry Pi Camera: Mini Fixed Point Camera Using Raspberry Pi Zero V1.3 & Camera Module

The latest version of the Raspberry Pi has finally arrived!  This is the Raspberry Pi Zero V1.3.  The difference between this model and the basic Raspberry […]
September 27, 2016
sense hat

The Sense HAT Add-On Board For Raspberry Pi – Operating The LED Display

This is the Sense HAT, an add-on board for Raspberry Pi! Ever since I saw it on the official Raspberry Pi site, I’ve been wanting to […]
October 12, 2016
raspberry pi drone

DIY Raspberry Pi Drone: Mechanics – Part 1

Today we will turn some readily available components into a quadcopter capable of taking high-quality aerial photos and stabilized HD video. The craft will also include […]